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What is a scholarship?

A scholarship is a financial merit-based award that a student must apply for. Awards may include housing allowances, course materials, tuition assistance, or learning aides such as laptops. Other awards may just cover part of the tuition cost. This is dependent on the terms and conditions of the scholarship itself and what it offers. Scholarships may be a one-time cash award, or a recurring award lasting for an academic year or for the duration of your degree course. However, it will always have conditions attached, and this will most likely relate to your grade point average. ("An Introduction to Scholarships"

Why apply for scholarships?

You may feel like it isn’t worth it to apply for scholarship awards because of how competitive many of them are. But someone has to win, so why shouldn’t it be you? Landing an award isn’t easy but there are ways to improve your chances, especially if the scholarship you find is focused on criteria specific to your student profile. One of the most important steps once you find an award that interests you is to read the directions (pay attention especially to deadlines), qualifications (if you don’t meet the criteria exactly, don’t apply) and fine print carefully (an award you have to pay for to receive could be a scam). Attention to detail will also keep you from making minor mistakes that will send your application to the bottom of the judges’ pile. Remember that there are scholarship opportunities out there for everyone, even if your strengths have nothing to do with academics. ("Scholarship Information"

Helpful Scholarship Tips

  • Contact the colleges for scholarship information and applications if they are not included in the student application for admission packet.  Colleges offer a plethora of scholarships, make contact with the financial aid office to get assistance accessing the college of your choice's scholarship opportunities.
  • Follow WHS counseling center on twitter @jagcounselors
  • Watch the deadlines!!!
  • Often colleges combine their application for admission with their scholarship applications.  You may be asked to answer essay questions for scholarship consideration.  Take your time and do your best on these essay questions.
  • Most scholarships are looking for hard-working students interested in community service and a balance of academics/extra-curricular life.
  • Use multiple sources for scholarship information.  Many scholarships offered in the free scholarship online searches are nationally known and are harder to win due to greater competition.  Local and regional scholarships are not found as easily through an online search, although they may be easier to win because the applicant pool is smaller.  You have to use a combination of resources to find as many scholarships to apply for as possible.

Oklahoma City Community Foundation

Houses more than 200 scholarships for students in the greater OKC metro area.  Scholarships have various application deadlines, apply early.  Set up your account, fill out the general application, and apply for individual scholarships at 

Horatio Alger National Scholarship

As one of the nation's largest college financial aid programs in the country, the Horatio Alger National Scholarship Program is the only major scholarship effort that specifically assists high school students who have faced and overcome great obstacles in their young lives. While many aid programs are directed primarily to recognizing academic achievement or leadership potential, the Horatio Alger program also seeks students who have a commitment to use their college degrees in service to others. 

  • Each year the Horatio Alger Association awards over 100 $20,000 scholarships to seniors across the country.  Seniors who meet the scholarship criteria may apply for the scholarship.  Recipients of the scholarship are afforded countless opportunities as they move forward to their futures as Horatio Alger Scholars.
  •  In order to apply, a student must meet the criteria and go online to, enter the site and then click on "Apply Now".  There the student begins the online application process. 


Other Scholarship Opportunities (Earn micro scholarships for your acheivements as early as 9th grade)