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Attendance Tardy Policy

Attendance Policy
Board Policy #7045 (rv.8.14.06)

In order to receive credit for a course, a student cannot be absent more than ten (10) days each semester. Students who exceed ten (10) absences in a semester will receive a “no credit” (NC) on his/her transcript for the semester. Students without a passing grade will receive an “F”. Continued absences will fall under the district’s discipline policy. Exceptions for extenuating circumstances or school-related activities may be requested through the building principal. Reasonable effort will be made to notify the parent before “no credit” is given due to absenteeism.

Two tardies will equal one absence. A student must be IN the classroom when the tardy bell rings or he/she is counted tardy. Also, if a student is more than 5 minutes late to class, he/she will be marked in the grade book as absent from the class. Upon checking in, if a student is late more than 15 minutes to class, the student is still required to report to their class. If a student is tardy as a result of a conference with a principal, counselor, or teacher, the tardy will be excused and not count against him/her. The principal, counselor, or teacher must issue a statement of explanation in order for the tardy to be excused.

Absences must be confirmed by a parent contacting the appropriate attendance office on the day of the absence. Notes will not be accepted. Unconfirmed absences will be considered a truancy and will be handled by the grade principal.

Exempt Absences Include:

1. Any event that is approved as a school activity

2. Any medical treatment that is substantiated by a physician’s written statement. The physician’s statement must be submitted to the school within five (5) days of the student’s return and is subject to verification by a school official.

3. Any day a student serves as a page for the State or National Legislature (not to exceed five days.

4. A court subpoena

5. Religious holidays or activities

6. Bereavement

Family vacations are not exempt and such absences will count toward the maximum absences allowed per semester.